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Corona: 3G on the train meets with resistance

Chancellor Merkel thinks it makes sense to only allow vaccinated, convalescent and tested people on long-distance trains. The ministers responsible, however, are waving their hand.

There is resistance within the government to the move by Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) to allow only those who have been vaccinated, tested and genesis to be allowed on long-distance trains in Germany. Complete control of all passengers is excluded, according to a joint statement by the Transport, Home Affairs and Health departments on the possible introduction of the so-called 3-G rule; she lies the Süddeutsche Zeitung before.

As a justification, reference is made to the only short stopping times of the trains when boarding and to the fact that there is no complete control of the tickets during the journey, neither in long-distance nor in local transport. In addition, the data for the “infectious environment” of public transport showed no focus. The number of cases is “in contrast to other areas of infection, still significantly below average”.

The ministries are also of the opinion that a 3-G rule could “not or at least only to a very limited extent” be controlled and enforced. Even for random checks, the support of the federal police or the security staff of the railway would be necessary. It is also emphasized that the employees at the railway reject additional control obligations. According to the three ministries, 3G is therefore “nowhere” in long-distance trains. The question is also whether there is even a legal basis for a nationwide regulation – the mask requirement in public transport is based on state regulations.

Last week the Chancellery issued the “test order” to the three departments – in charge of the Ministry of Transport from Andreas Scheuer (CSU). On Friday, government spokesman Steffen Seibert referred to the “very strong increase in the number of cases”. On Monday, he repeated this point and said there was a need to think about what could be done to dampen or stop the rise in infections. There is also a responsibility to those under twelve who cannot yet be vaccinated. Regular school operations have “priority” for the Chancellor. They consider a 3-G rule in trains and on domestic flights to be a “possible and sensible measure”.

It was not foreseeable on Monday whether the project would be put on hold in view of the criticism from the specialist departments. The test, it was said, was still going on.

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