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What are the intensity scales of earthquakes?

Two earthquakes with an epicenter in Turkey shook the Mediterranean country in the early morning and morning of this Monday, February 6. The first had an intensity of 7.8 and the second of 7.5both measured according to the Richter seismological scale.

The Richter scale, also known as local Magnitude Scale, is used to measure the energy released by an earthquake and thus quantify its intensity.

Richter scale

The measurements of this scale go from 0 to more than 10, a number that has never been recorded before in the history of humanity.

Magnitude Description
less than 2.0 It is imperceptible.
2.0-2.9 It is imperceptible.
3.0-3.9 It may be slightly noticeable.
4.0-4.9 It may be noticeable and cause slight damage.
5.0-5.9 The moderate earthquake is perceptible and can cause damage.
6.0-6.9 It is a strong earthquake that can cause serious damage.
7.0-7.9 It is a strong earthquake that can destroy a large area.
8.0-8.9 It is a catastrophic earthquake that can destroy areas hundreds of kilometers from its epicenter.
9.0-9.9 It is a devastating earthquake over several thousand kilometers.
More than 10 It may be apocalyptic but it has never been recorded before.

Mercalli scale

The Mercalli scale is another way of measuring the intensity of earthquakes. It consists of 12 degrees of intensity where the characteristics of each degree are also shown.

Magnitude Description
Yo almost imperceptible earthquake
II Mild earthquake, may be slightly noticeable
II Shaking that can be felt and cause objects to fall
IV. Moderate shaking that can cause moving objects
V Earthquake causing light damage
SAW The jolt is felt by everyone and can cause more serious damage
VII The quake may cause minor structural damage.
VIII The earthquake can cause more serious damage to buildings
IX The earthquake can collapse buildings and destroy their foundations
x The shaking can cause serious damage in populated areas
eleventh The quake can destroy bridges and almost no structure is left standing
twelfth Total devastation of the area


Source: Eluniverso


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