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Super Bowl 2023: Why is avocado consumption increasing in the United States?

The Super Bowl, the grand finale of the American football sports competition, has a strange effect on the diet of Americans. The day of the game and the weeks that precede it is usual to see a increase in avocado consumption.

This is a phenomenon that has been marked over the years. According to El Universal de México, in the year 2000, the average consumption per American was half a kilo, while in 2022 it was 4 kilos, eight times more.

When and where will the 2023 Super Bowl be?

Avocado, which is commonly eaten around the world in the form of a salad, is more popular in the form of guacamole to accompany snacks consumed at gatherings with friends and family. This is what happens in sports competitions, such as the Super Bowl, when fans gather either in restaurants, bars or in the stadium itself and consume a particular dish: nachos, or tortilla chips, with guacamole.


The consumption of guacamole, accompanying dishes of Mexican origin, has increased as Latino culture gains more strength in the United States. It’s not just the nachos, but tacos, burritos or small trays in which the delicious green sauce cannot be missing.

According to the general director of the Association of Producers and Packers of Avocado Exporters of Mexico (APEAM), José Armando López Orduña, 131,000 tons of avocados are expected to be exported from Mexico for the 2023 Super Bowl edition.

Known as the “green gold”, the Mexican avocado is the leader in production and export worldwide, and the United States is the main market, says the Mexican government.

This year, the Super Bowl will take place on February 12 at the State Farm Stadium of the Arizona Cardinals, in the city of Glendale. (YO)

Source: Eluniverso


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