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The US shoots down the alleged Chinese spy balloon that has crossed the country

Joe Biden has personally given his approval for the attack on the device, and the US Armed Forces have shot down the alleged Chinese spy balloon once it was already over the waters of the Atlantic Ocean after crossing the country from coast to coast.

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The US Armed Forces have shot down the alleged chinese spy balloon once was already over the waters of the Atlantic Ocean and after crossing the entire country from coast to coast, as reported by the US authorities.

CNN has reported the demolition citing anonymous official sources and has explained that the president Joe Biden He has personally given his approval for the attack on the device.

Members of the Navy and the Coast Guard are available if necessary to recover the remains, a Defense official explained to CNN moments before the demolition.

The Federal Aviation Administration of the United States (FAA, for its acronym in English) had also ordered the cessation of activity at three airports on the east coast of the United States and has closed airspace prior to operation.

Several flight tracking portals have reported the presence of military devices along the trajectory of the Chinese balloon. Among them are two KC-135R in-flight refueling aircraft, a C-130 Hercules. Fighters do not usually appear on these tracking portals.

This Saturday the balloon has been sighted at various points in the Carolinas and continued its trajectory towards the coast. In fact, the York County Police, in South Carolina, has warned the population not to shoot at the balloon.

“He is over 60,000 feet in altitude -18,000 meters-. Do not try to shoot him!! Your rifle bullets will NOT hit him,” the York County Sheriff’s Department explained in a message posted on Twitter.

The balloon was sighted by first time last Tuesday over Montana and crossed the country to the east coast until reaching the Atlantic this Saturday, where it was finally shot down. Senior Pentagon officials had warned of the risk of bringing down the device on the ground due to the danger that the debris would cause damage.

However, this Saturday Biden stated that he was going to “take care” of the globe. “We are going to take care of it,” he said from Syracuse, New York, when questioned by the press about the possibility of shooting down the Chinese trial balloon, reports CNN.

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