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How does Vicky from “Rebellious Angel” look like today?  “Beautiful to some, ugly to others”

How does Vicky from “Rebellious Angel” look like today? “Beautiful to some, ugly to others”

Years ago, the series “Rebellious Angel” attracted millions of viewers and viewers around the world in front of TV screens, and the actors appearing in this cult production are still very popular today. One of the characters that certainly fell into the memory of fans and fans of the series was Vicky, the sister of the main character. Veronica Vieyra was 30 at the time. This year, the actress will celebrate her 55th birthday. However, time has been exceptionally kind to her.

Remember Vicky from Rogue Angel? This is what Veronica Vieyra currently looks like

Veronica Vieyra is active on Instagram, where she has accumulated over 34,000 followers. observers and observers with whom he shares selected moments from his life. The actress still fulfills herself professionally, although less as an actress and more often as a producer. Privately, the actress is the mother of two adult daughters. The actress also became a grandmother and proudly shows her grandson on Instagram.

Veronica Vieyra on her Instagram profile regularly shows herself in a natural version without makeup, encouraging others to self-acceptance. I have age marks under my eyes and gray hair. I wear what I’ve experienced, with all the pros and cons. I’m not that girl with makeup who looks like someone else and not me. (…) We don’t all have to be identical. We must be unique. Beautiful to some, ugly to others. But real. Be crazy, brave, cry, funny, boring, silent or scream!!! Be who you want. But be yourself – she wrote in one of the posts.

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