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A Russian company is offering a $7,100 reward for every NATO tank destroyed in Ukraine.

The Russian company FORES has offered cash rewards for the military that destroy the tanks that several countries NATO will supply Ukraine to stop Russia on the battlefield.

“Russian military destroying or capturing a German tank Leopard 2 or an American Abrams will receive a monetary reward. The FORES company will pay 5 million rubles (just over $71,000) for the first unit destroyed,” the company announced in a statement.

For every next tank destroyed FORES promised to pay 500,000 rubles (just over $7,100). Should Ukraine begin receiving Western-produced fighter jets and F15 and F16 jets are declared legitimate targets for the Russian military, “the financial reward for the first aircraft destroyed will be 15 million rubles (about $214,000). )”, has added.

“The decision to supply kyiv with tanks shows that NATO is not limited to delivering to Ukraine only defensive weaponswhich raises the need to support our Army,” stressed FORES, a company that produces ceramic support agents for the oil industry.

Source: Lasexta


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