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The conflict in Ukraine, a proxy war between the West and Russia?

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Westerners say that we must end the war in ukrainein which they are not officially involved, but the magnitude of their aid to kyiv and their sanctions against Moscow raise a question: is this a proxy war between West Y Russia?

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Direct confrontation seems ruled out for the time being: nobody wants a devastating battle between nuclear powers. And Westerners strive to avoid any action that would pass them, in the eyes of Russia, to the rank of co-belligerents.

But the analysts consulted by AFP, from Moscow to Washington, including Beijing, agree that the involvement of the Americans and some Europeans — to a lesser extent — makes them leading players.

Ivan Klysczresearcher at University of Tartuin Estoniaspeaks of different perceptions. “Ukrainians fight only for themselves, they are not anyone’s rulers”, Explain.

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Instead, for Russia, “It is a proxy war against the West: according to Moscow, the Ukrainians are manipulated by the United States and NATO”he adds.

Russia itself describes indirect Western aggression. “It’s obvious” ensures Alexander Kramshijinof the Institute of political and military analysis in Moscow. “The West is making this war last as long as possible with its arms deliveries” to Ukraine, he says.

“Undeclared War”

Nikolai Patrushevsecretary of Security Council Russian, said on Tuesday that “The anti-Russian campaign of the Americans and their satellites convincingly shows that Ukraine has become the pretext for waging an undeclared war on Russia”.

After having ruled out –even before the conflict– the hypothesis of an official entry into the conflict, USA now openly assumes its support for the Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky.

Its arms deliveries to Ukraine are public, as well as the sums granted to kyiv. And intelligence sources told some media that they helped kyiv attack Russian generals and bomb Russian ships in the Black Sea.

After several setbacks (Iraq, Afghanistanetc.), the war in Ukraine allowed the US intelligence services to show their effectiveness, highlights Pierre Razouacademic director of the FundMediterranean Association for Strategic Studies (FMES).

Furthermore, the war offers an opportunity to the hardliners in Washington, who want to weaken Russian power.

“There is a difference between making sure the Kremlin cannot win, and making sure it loses at any cost. And the Americans are in a logic of making the Russians lose at any price”, Pierre Razoux says.

divided NATO

For Ivan Klysczpart of the American elite wants “humiliate Russia” Y “punch him in the face”. But the European Union (EU) is much more measured, and even divided.

french president Emmanuel Macron recently said that peace will also be built with Russia, and that this will not be done through “humiliation”.

The West does not speak with one voice. “This raises questions about the unity of NATO countries once we get closer to some form of ending the conflict,” highlights Ivan Klyszcz.

Instead, the United States seems to have more radical ambitions. You want to make the conflict last “to extract geopolitical benefits” recently wrote the Global Times in Beijing. And the Chinese nationalist tabloid accused Washington of “take advantage of the chaos”.

Colin Clarkedirector of research at Soufan Centera New York think tank, sees the United States as indeed in that process.

The Westerners ceaselessly supply kyiv with weapons, and the Ukrainians, “Rightfully, they have impressed with their competence, reflecting the training and cooperation they have had over the years,” ensures.

But the United States has not triggered this war, remember. “At most, the NATO countries and the United States help a friendly European country, an ally, to defend its territorial integrity”.

Source: Gestion

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