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Her husband left her for a friend, she almost lost her house. Now she won over a million zlotys in the lottery

An anonymous resident of the city of Barranquilla in northern Colombia took home a double win a few days ago. The victory came at the perfect time, as the woman had been struggling financially for some time. A year earlier, her husband had abandoned her.

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Her husband left her for a friend, she almost lost her house. However, fate changed

The woman works as a seamstress, earning little. Due to lack of money, her daughter had to interrupt her studies. At the beginning of this year, they were in danger of losing their home. The Colombian, according to , on January 17 decided to grab the last resort and bought two tickets for the Supergiros lottery. A year earlier, her husband had abandoned her and gone to live with her friend. caused the woman to fall into debt, she began to have problems paying off the house. She didn’t expect such a surprise after 12 months.

A year after her husband left her, she won the lottery. The amount is impressive

It turned out that the woman won a double win in the lottery and won over PLN 1.5 million (1.568 billion Colombian pesos – among the middle and lower social strata it is about PLN 1,100). The organizers themselves emphasized that this happens extremely rarely. The woman was also among the lucky ones with the highest jackpots in the history of Colombia and South America. There with a woman. She admitted that when she found out about her win this morning, she was “shocked” and couldn’t believe her luck. The prize went to her at the perfect time, a few days after the draw, because the auction of her house was to take place. The Colombian also confessed that the first person who contacted her after winning was … her ex-husband. But the woman dropped the phone.

Source: Gazeta


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