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The Niños Jesús turn Madrid into a festival: “Dance this pasodoble as if it were the town square”

January 29 and the Madrid room El Sol continued with the Bethlehem on. The Children Jesus they came out of the cradle to give their first concert in the capital: “We can’t believe it. It’s incredible to be in this room.”

In addition to the success on television, Jordi Evole you have been filled with courage to do something you thought you would never do: sing in a marching band. At almost 50, he has made it a reality and this is the seventh gig that he has done with Jesus, Jacob, Oscar, Javi and Juan Carlos: “We’ve been playing for many years, but with Jordi it’s special. We’re going to places we didn’t even imagine we could play. We’re enjoying a lot as a band.”

Before going on stage, the group finalized details in the room’s dressing rooms. Between yellow walls full of signatures of hundreds of musicians who had left their voices in the venue, the six artists were preparing willing to turn the space into a festival. And what a vervain!

skinnythey don’t want your kisses…” Jordi Évole added to the list of first times to sing this song by La Rabia del Milenio to start the concert. “It’s a tribute to my band. He’s going for us,” he joked, pointing to his body. “Except for Jacob,” he added. (Note: Jacob, pictured, top left).

The Children Jesus

Putting Jordi Évole as the owner of the microphone, the entire public knew that humor and irony were not going to be missing. In an hour where surely many of the public were aware of Real Madrid (he was playing against Real Sociedad), the vocalist highlighted the colors of his red and blue jacket: “You have seen how I have come, right? A little bit of sauce!”

With versions of Memphis Blues, kill meeither your warmththe artist joked confessing that they were the true authors of those letters that, in the end, others like Kiko Veneno, C. Tangana or Estopa they sang for everyone

Halfway through the show, a very special guest gave voice to ‘Felicidad’ with Los Niños Jesús: “The great Lychees!“. It’s a pity that he got off the stage so quickly since the band didn’t take long to play another song by La Cabra Mecánica: “It’s a song we wrote for Lichis,” Évole joked as he began the chords of ‘Fable of the werewolf and the panther woman.

The room became an authentic town square. Couples dancing the paso doble and the orchestra choosing lyrics that had marked us all in some past era when we were a little younger. “It’s not going to be the concert of your life but I assure you that we are going to have fun“.

Thus, Jordi Évole gave way to another guest: “He was the scriptwriter for my program and he was the first to lead the way to leave TV and start in music:david merino!”. The La La Love You singer made everyone jump with his ‘The End of the World.’

In this walk through songs that we all know: I can’t live without you, Ama, El Roce de tu cuerpo… Jordi Évole did not want to miss the opportunity to celebrate with Mario López“my boss at laSexta”, giving him some band t-shirts for all the years they have shared working together, and inviting him to be the innocent hand of another of the essential things in a festival: the raffle. A level prize raffle. There is no card from El Hormiguero that envy the ham that took the lucky one.

The Jesus Children raffle a ham at their concert

This music group began to form after recording a video on social networks with a song dedicated to Pau Donés. The Jarabe de Palo singer wanted to record his last interview with Jordi Évole for the documentary ‘what you give me‘ and the presenter continues to thank him now also in his concerts with Los Niños Jesús singing ‘Grita’: “It is a song that we want to dedicate to a person who crossed our lives, in the lives of almost all of us. He taught us to live very well and know how to leave very well. For our friend, the teacher: Pau Donés”.

Shouting and with an audience more than delivered, Los Niños Jesús closed in style. Challenging 40, or 50, who cares!, Jordi Évole’s band made it clear that there is always time for the first times. (In addition to dedicating his last words on stage to demonstrate the wisdom that age also gives: “See you now in the bar next door. Thank you Madrid”).

Source: Lasexta


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