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Four banana exporters from Ecuador are denounced for not paying the minimum price

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Four banana exporting companies from Ecuadorthe world’s leading exporter of this product, were reported by producers to the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock for allegedly not paying the minimum support price (PMS) for a box of this fruit, set at US$6.25.

The companies reported are Exdesur, Trinyfresh, Green Life Fruits Y Tropical Republicwhich are exposed to fines that multiply between 25 and 50 times the unpaid amount if it is found that there was a breach of this obligation, as specified in a statement.

The authority also has the power to suspend the exports of the sanctioned companies for 15 days, while the law contemplates progressive sanctions to the extent that the trading and exporting companies repeat non-compliance, up to the point of definitive suspension.

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The minimum price of US$ 6.25 per contracted box was established in October 2021 by the Ministerial Agreement 057 and the Department of agriculture He exhorted the banana producers who feel affected to present their complaints.

The law establishes that the funds collected by the sanctions will be used solely and exclusively for the development of the country’s banana industry.

Between 2020 and 2021, the Direction of Strategic Positioning of Musaceae of the Ministry of Agriculture opened 70 investigation processes for non-payment of the minimum support price for a box of bananas.

The objective is to protect the small producer so that he can work in fairer and more competitive conditions, as emphasized in the statement by the Minister of Agriculture and Livestock of Ecuador, Bernard Manzano.

“Respect for the minimum support price is vital so as not to harm those most in need: our small producers”Manzano pointed out.

In April, during the Fruit Logistics Fair 2022held in Berlin, the Ecuadorian Ministry of Agriculture led a meeting of Latin American banana producers with European buyers, to whom they insisted that they fulfill the commitments of shared responsibility and that they respect the price of the fruit.

Added to this is the situation arising from the Russian war in Ukrainecountries to which Ecuador exported in 2021 some US$ 700 million and some US$ 80 million, respectively, in bananas.

Source: Gestion

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