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US Investigates Elon Musk Over Tesla Autopilot Capabilities

US Investigates Elon Musk Over Tesla Autopilot Capabilities

The Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) of the american government is investigating Elon Musk for its involvement in the commercialization of the autonomous driving software of the electric cars Teslaaccording to information from Bloomberg.

The CEO is reportedly being investigated for allegedly inappropriate statements he made about the future of self-driving technology.

According to the information, Musk would have launched a campaign to promote the system with something more than reasonable optimism, both on social networks and in conversations with analysts and investors after the presentation of results.

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And that is, the system Autopilotfirst launched as a driver assistance feature in 2014, is built into every current Tesla and enables the car to automatically steer, accelerate and brake within its lane.

Following its recent updates, this system allows the vehicle to automatically change lanes, enter and exit highways, recognize stop signs and traffic lights, and park, yet still requires a driver to monitor the system at all times.

Despite this, Musk would have been promising for years that Tesla will soon have fully autonomous cars on the roadsince this autonomous driving software “It’s the difference between Tesla being worth a lot of money or next to nothing.”

However, earlier this month, according to information from Bloombergit emerged that Musk personally oversaw the development of a 2016 video promoting self-driving software and allegedly falsifying some of its capabilities.

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For these reasons, the SEC is investigating Musk, who in 2018 settled fraud charges filed by the agency for a tweet from the Tesla CEO in which he said he planned to take the automaker off the stock market.

The agency also launched an investigation in 2022 that followed up on allegations that Musk and his brother may have violated insider trading regulations as investors.

Given this, Musk accused the agency earlier this year of having launched a “harassment campaign”, which was pointed out unfairly, something they denied.

To this is added that Tesla’s autonomous driving system has been investigated by US Highway Safety and its possible connection to various accidents.

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