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Irregular migration of Ecuadorians to the United States skyrockets again

Irregular migration of Ecuadorians to the United States skyrockets again

The arrival of irregular migrants from Ecuador at the United States border has skyrocketed again, with more than 35,500 arrests, expulsions or deportations in the last quarter of 2022, which exceeds the number of the previous twelve months, in which they did not arrive at 25,000.

This is reflected in the data from the United States Customs and Border Protection Office, which in the first three months of fiscal year 2023 (beginning in October 2022) accumulates 35,510 irregular migrants from Ecuador who have been detained, expelled or deported. .

If the same trend continues, this year it would exceed 2021, when there were more than 97,000 detentions, expulsions and deportations at the border, and it is already above fiscal year 2022, which had 24,936.

Only last December there were 16,297 arrests, expulsions or deportations, a figure close to the more than 17,000 that were registered both in July and August 2021, just before Mexico once again required a visa for Ecuadorian travelers.

For the 1800 Migrante association, which provides legal advice to migrants and denounces cases of disappearances and deaths of irregular migrants in their attempt to reach the United States, the real migratory flow can be double or triple, since the official figures do not include who did manage to evade border controls.

Two weeks ago, the Vice Minister of Human Mobility of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ecuador, Silvia Espíndola, visited with her Panamanian counterpart, Isbeth Quiel, the province of Darién (Panama) to verify the current situation of migratory flows that cross through this point. .

Espíndola arrived at the “San Vicente” Temporary Immigration Reception Station to learn first-hand about the efforts, figures and experiences in humanitarian care for people in human mobility, according to the Ecuadorian Foreign Ministry in a statement.

During his visit, he was able to meet several Ecuadorians who, after their journey through the Darien jungle, received care, health services, and food to continue their attempt to cross Central America to the United States.

In 2022, 248,284 people crossed this jungle irregularly, and of these, 11% corresponded to Ecuadorian migrants.

Source: EFE

Source: Gestion

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