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‘Please help my partner. It happens in the best families. Don’t worry’: policeman fainted during a press conference in Quito

A member of specialized groups of the National Police fainted in the middle of a press conference given this Thursday, January 26, by government officials.

There were Juan Zapata, Minister of the Interior; Fausto Salinas, Commander of the Police; and Fausto Olivo, General Director of Police Investigation.

In that event they referred to the capture of 21 people who are allegedly members of criminal organizations, such as Los Lobos, Los Choneros and R7.

21 alleged members of Los Lobos, Los Choneros and R7 were apprehended in three provinces; there is a police officer involved

Behind the officials were three members of the Intervention and Rescue Group (GIR). They carried weapons, helmets, vests, and police uniforms.

In images from the press conference, it can be seen that a police officer who was behind Minister Zapata begins to fade to his left side and then falls to the ground.

In his speech, Zapata was referring to police clothing, such as vests, when the incident occurred.

A knock was heard. The official returned to see what was happening and said: “Please help the comrade. It happens in the best families. Don’t worry”.

Salinas pointed out that they had been working all night, and Zapata added: “It’s dawn.”

More than a month without knowing the whereabouts of the second police corporal disappeared in the north of Manabí

The three officials turned to look back, but made no attempt to help him up, and then continued with their statements. There was criticism on social media about that.

With the help of his colleagues, the policeman was picked up and taken to another site.

The complete video is not available on the Facebook of the National Police, but the specific event can be seen at this link. (YO)

Source: Eluniverso


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