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The lukewarmness of the EU with the dictatorship in Cuba: “There must be an inclusive dialogue”

The European Union (EU) has demanded this Thursday the authorities to open a «Inclusive dialogue»In Cuba to listen to the demands of the citizens of the Caribbean island. However, the highest levels of EU Foreign Policy have not dared to label the Cuban regime a dictatorship either. A juggling, yes, of terms and linguistic breaks in order not to touch the essential, that Cuba needs to be free and that currently after more than 60 yearss continues to be a dictatorship.

In a statement from the EU High Representative for Foreign Policy and, let us remember a former socialist foreign minister, Josep Borrell, the Twenty-seven have asked Havana to respect Human Rights and freedoms and has urged it to “release all those arbitrarily detained, listen to the voice of its citizens and commit to an inclusive dialogue on their demands.”

For the European bloc, the demonstrations reflect the “legitimate complaints” of the Cuban population regarding the lack of food, medicine and access to water, as well as a demand for freedom of expression and of the press. “In parallel, with the situation caused by the coronavirus pandemic, these demands have created a demand for civil and political rights and in favor of democracy,” they pointed out.

In this context, the EU expresses its support for the right of Cubans to peacefully express their protest and «Demand a change“And views with” concern “the repression by the authorities of the protests, as well as the arrest of protesters and journalists.

Reforms in Havana

“The people of Cuba are suffering and the Government must take all the necessary measures to stop this,” the High Representative claimed in a direct message to the Executive of Miguel Díaz-Canel. TOAlthough the declaration to Twenty-seven welcomes the elimination of product entry restrictions for travelers, which it regards as “a first step in the right direction,” it insists that internal economic reforms are needed to address citizen demands.

The bloc points out the key role of foreign investment and international trade to modernize the country and face the crisis derived from the coronavirus and, in this sense, suggests the relaxation of external restrictions such as remittances and travel to help mitigate the crisis on the island.

In any case, the EU says it is ready to tackle an improvement in the conditions of the Cubans in the context of the Political Dialogue and Cooperation, the channel established between Brussels and Havana to discuss their relations.

The opposition supports the EU moving forward

Opposition organizations have welcomed the words of the head of European diplomacy, ensuring that “they are going in the right direction and are consistent with the situation that is being experienced in Cuba.”

“It is essential that this verification of the ‘increase in the demand for civil and political rights, and democracy,’ on the part of the Cuban people, as well as the demand for ‘political and economic reforms’ as a way to overcome the difficulties, they are urgently reflected in the effective policy of the European Union towards Cuba, “said the Cuban Observatory for Human Rights (OCDH).

For its part, the Prisoners Defenders collective has recognized Borrell’s initiative, highlighting “the diplomatic language and moderation that a statement of such seriousness entails” and points out that it is a “great step to overcome that everything is the fault (of the former president of the United States United Donald) Trump or the ‘blockade’ ».

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