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Aldi: The best discounts and offers for the weekend of July 30 to August 1

July is ending and this is why this is the most special weekend of the year. August begins, and many people want to welcome you with a well-deserved summer vacation. If you are one of these, Aldi has thought of you and will make your weekend happy with discounts and special offers for you to enjoy to the fullest. Nothing better than enjoying the best Aldi deals, available from July 30 to August 1. Take note!

Girl’s pajamas

One of the most outstanding offers of the German chain is this girl’s pajamas available in two colors: pink or mint green. It is made of organic cotton, so it is very comfortable to sleep on summer nights. Best of all, the set includes a t-shirt, long pants and shorts. Therefore, you can put on your daughter the shirt and long or short pants depending on how hot it is. Before it was worth 6.99 euros and now 5.99 euros, with a 14% discount.

ecological kiwi

Kiwi is one of the most consumed fruits since, in addition to having a delicious flavor, it offers multiple health benefits: it favors the functioning of the immune system, eliminates fluid retention, improves circulation, helps digestion … This purpose of the week you can find in Aldi this 500 gram tray of Hayward variety organic kiwi for 2.15 euros, with a 25% discount.

The best Aldi deals for the weekend of July 30 to August 1

Prepared for paella

One of the great pleasures of summer is enjoying a paella with the family. If you want to prepare a Delicious seafood paella without complicating your life muchIn Aldi you can find this preparation for 3.99 euros instead of 4.99 euros thanks to the 20% discount. It includes mussel cooked in its juice, diced Pacific squid, Pacific clam cooked in its juice, green pepper, red pepper, white shrimp and Norway lobster.

The best Aldi offers for the weekend of July 30 to August 1

Ultralight sleeping bag

Are you planning to go camping this summer? If so, you cannot miss this offer. A sultralight and water-repellent sleeping acoustic for only 15.99 euros. The bag has lockable compression with mesh for better ventilation and an eco finish. It barely weighs 720 grams, so it is very light, measuring 200 meters high x 80 centimeters wide.

The best Aldi deals for the weekend of July 30 to August 1

Mini beef burgers

And finally, some mini beef burgers of national origin, gluten and lactose free. They are perfect to serve as an aperitif at a barbecue with family or friends. The tray contains eight units and is now worth 2.19 euros instead of 2.79 euros, with a 21% discount.

These are the best Aldi deals from July 30 to August 1!

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