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What is the controversy that arose with the image of M&M for which we will no longer see animated candies

If there is something that distinguishes M&M chocolates, apart from their delicious taste, it is the popular candy-shaped dolls that have become the image of the brand. Each one has a personality defined according to its color, and they interact with each other in the animated shorts that the company uses to advertise its products.

However, the seven famous characters will no longer be used to promote M&Mafter a controversy broke out among American consumers and media, who accused the brand of being “very politically correct.”

The reason for the scandal over the colored dolls was an alteration in the clothing of the two female characters, the green and brown candies. The brown M&M replaced her stilettos with chunky heels, while the green M&M, who was always characterized as provocative and had high-heeled boots, suddenly swapped them for sneakers.

According to CNNan Internet campaign asking to make this character “sexy” again reached 20,000 signatures.

On social networks, users claimed that the change was not “progressive”.

When the brand decided to launch the purple M&M, “designed to represent acceptance and inclusiveness”Fox News accused the brand of seeking validation from the public, by using the color associated with the feminist movement.

M&M’s answer

In a company statement, M&M says its candies will be taking an “indefinite hiatus” and that they will be replaced by actress Maya Rudolph to promote the chocolates.

“America, let’s talk,” the M&M statement begins. “In the last year we have made some changes to our beloved candies. We weren’t sure anyone would notice. And we definitely didn’t think this was going to break the internet, but now we get it: even candy shoes can be polarizing. What is the last thing M&M wanted, since what matters most to us is uniting people”, he points out.

“Therefore, we have decided to take an ‘indefinite hiatus’ from candy. In her place, we’re proud to introduce a spokesperson America can agree with: the beloved Maya Rudolph. We are confident that Rudolph will be able to champion the power of fun to create a world that everyone feels like she belongs to,” she concludes. (AND)

Source: Eluniverso


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