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“It seems like a nightmare”: Dani Alves’ first wife also defends him and talks about the pain of her teenage children after their father’s arrest

the life of soccer player Daniel Alves It changed radically overnight. And it is that, the Brazilian player went from playing a World Cup at the age of 39 to being in prison prevention in less than a month.

The player is accused of having sexually abused of a young woman on the night of December 30 in Sutton, one of the most famous nightclubs in Barcelona, ​​as reported by La Vanguardia.

Dani Alves’ first wife talks about the footballer’s arrest

Your ex women and current representative of the player, dinora santanacame out in defense of Alves in a statement on “Fiesta”, a television program Telecinco and stated that his children teenagers they are devastated. “It sounds like a nightmare,” the woman said.

How many years in prison do Dani Alves expect in Barcelona? The player will spend several years behind bars if convicted

Santana also commented: “I haven’t had access to it. I know he’s sad, but he’s fine and I’ll do whatever it takes to help him. It is a shock to my children, who are teenagers and are having a very difficult time. His family is overwhelmed because they want to see him and cannot access him. His lawyer tells me that she is working on the case ”.

Dinora met Alves in 2005, they decided get marry and form a family. In 2008 they had two children: Daniel and Victoria. Although divorced three years later, their relationship remained stable for the sake of their children.

Dinora helps him in his career, taking care of his finances and everything related to his image. According to his father in a interview to The vanguard In 2010, his daughter Victoria had the skills to end up being a model since “she was very conceited.”

Even so, there is little information about his children beyond the publications in instagram where you see them together Both would be under 20 years old and would be concentrating on their studies.

The difficult situation that the family of Dani Alves is going through

Alves’ relatives are going through one of the worst moments of their lives. Joana Sanzher partner since 2017, lost her two fundamental pillars in a few days: her mother recently passed away and now her husband is in jail.

“He started slapping me. I didn’t get to give him fellatio”, part of the crude story of the 23-year-old girl who accused Dani Alves of sexual assault

“I have barely begun to assume that she is no longer around to be tormented with my husband’s situation,” Sanz wrote in her social media.

One of the player’s two brothers, Junior, also spoke out and questioned the veracity of what the victim recounted: “I can’t take it anymore. They are making a trap with him. We will give our lives if necessary for Dani Alves to get out of this hell”.

At the moment, the versions declared by both parties corner Alves, who contradicted himself on several occasions. In addition, the nightclub’s security cameras corroborate the facts recounted by the victim. (YO)

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