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These are difficult times, but I still believe that we can improve the world, these are Bill Gates’ notes for 2023

These are difficult times, but I still believe that we can improve the world, these are Bill Gates’ notes for 2023

The news that he would soon become a grandfather was a wake-up call for Bill Gatesthe billionaire co-founder of Microsoft, because it motivated him to realize that he wanted to leave a better world for his grandchildren.

“When I think of the world my grandson will be born into, I feel more inspired than ever to help everyone’s children and grandchildren have a chance to survive and thrive.”, Gates writes on his website.

In her recent blog post, titled “The future that our grandchildren deserve”the tycoon comments that “five difficult years are coming up.”

For reasons like the climate change, the covid-19 pandemic, inflation and the war in UkraineBill Gates believes we are living in turbulent times, something he likens to the 1960s, “the only other turbulent period” in his life.

Bill Gates is one of the richest men in the world. Photo: GETTY IMAGES

“Russia’s war against Ukraine is inflicting terrible suffering on Eastern Europe and driving up food and energy prices around the world. Rich countries are cutting foreign aid, in part because they need to spend more on the military, electricity subsidies and support for refugees displaced by war. Inflation is rising and economic growth is slowing. Climate change is causing more frequent extreme weather events. And in the United States, our politics is more polarized than ever, ”Gates mentions in his text.

The businessman, however, feels the responsibility of helping society with his fortune.

‘My plan is to give all my wealth to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation,’ says Microsoft co-founder, who hopes he won’t be one of the world’s richest people soon

“I am stubborn in my belief that with the right innovations, we can continue to reduce inequality despite the headwinds”, says the businessman.

The creator of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, indicates that his main global priority is “to help people in poor countries who should not die, not die. Especially the children.”

Although Gates acknowledges that his status and fortune protect him from the difficulties faced by other people around the world, the computer scientist hopes that through his work he can leave new generations the future they deserve. (YO)

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