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Elon Musk: Twitter won’t unblock anyone for now.  A content moderation board will be established

Elon Musk: Twitter won’t unblock anyone for now. A content moderation board will be established

The end of the past week was full of information about Twitter. Elon Musk then finalized the acquisition of the platform for a trifle of $ 44 billion, fired key managers and literally flooded the social network with revelations about the new order in the company for several days.

This week, Musk boasted of significant changes to the paid service Twitter Blue, which were quickly criticized by users. Musk’s plan is that Blue subscribers for $8 a month will have a verified account tag, priority in replies, tags, and in search, and other privileges.

Musk won’t unblock anyone yet. Awaiting advice from moderators

Now the richest man in the world has opened the veil of secrecy about the accounts of people who have been banned by Twitter. These are accounts whose owners have once flagrantly violated the rules of publication on the site and were banned from it. A few months ago, Musk already mentioned that he would like to unblock some people, such as Donald Trump, whose account was deleted after his supporters attacked the Capitol in January 2021.

As the billionaire stated, Twitter will not unblock previously banned accounts until a council is formed to take responsibility for the process. This, according to Musk, will take at least a few weeks.

Twitter will not allow anyone who has been removed from the platform for violating Twitter rules to return to the platform until we have a clear process [odblokowywania kont – red.]which will take at least a few weeks

– wrote Elon Musk.

As he added after a few minutes, this process is to be handled by a special content moderation council, which the billionaire announced at the end of October, just after the takeover of Twitter. Musk wants the board to be composed of people with different views so that it is as fair as possible.

Twitter’s content moderation board will be made up of representatives with very diverse views, certainly including members of the civil rights community and individuals from groups dealing with hate-fueled violence

Musk added.

In recent months, the new owner of Twitter has emphasized that Twitter must be fully apolitical and open to all views – from the extreme left to the extreme right. He also said that he wanted the portal to include not only his supporters, but also his greatest enemies, which would prove that the website respects freedom of speech.

Musk also spoke in a similar tone right after a wave of criticism fell on him in connection with the aforementioned changes in Twitter Blue. As he stated, “being attacked by both the right and the left at the same time is a good sign.”

Source: Gazeta

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