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Boric describes the number of deaths from protests in Peru as “unacceptable and painful”

Boric describes the number of deaths from protests in Peru as “unacceptable and painful”

Chilean President Gabriel Boric described as “unacceptable and painful” the balance of deaths that has been registered during the anti-government demonstrations in Peru, focused in recent days in the southern region of Puno.

It is unacceptable and painful to see the number of people who have died in clashes with the police in southern Peru. The State must always protect and respect human rights. Our support to the IACHR that will visit the country to see the serious situation”, wrote the president on his Twitter account.

The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) has announced that he will visit Peru from Wednesday to Friday of this week to visit different cities in the country and assess the situation in the midst of a deep social crisis that began on December 7 after the failed self-coup of then-President Pedro Castillo .

On Tuesday, the IACHR condemned the death of at least 17 people registered in the vicinity of the Juliaca airport during that day and urged the Peruvian State to “take immediate measures to prevent and punish the excessive use of force in social protests”.

According to data from the Public Ministry, 39 people have died during clashes between protesters and the Peruvian armed or police forces; while another 7 civilians perished “due to a traffic accident and events related to the blockadeof roads.

The protesters demand the resignation of President Dina Boluarte, the closure of Congress, the advancement of general elections to 2023 and the calling of a constituent assembly.

Boric’s government surprised by not signing the joint communiqué issued in December by the governments of Argentina, Mexico, Colombia and Bolivia in which the “deep concern over the recent events that resulted in the removal and detention of José Pedro Castillo Terrones, President of the Republic of Peru”.

On the contrary, from Santiago they announced that they would support the assumption of command of President Dina Boluarte during a meeting held by the foreign ministers of both countries.

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