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Executive Power will insist on subsidizing youth employment

Executive Power will insist on subsidizing youth employment

During his presentation in Congress, Prime Minister Alberto Otárola announced that they are working on a bill to subsidize the formal hiring of 160,000 young people in more than 45,000 mypes nationwide, for up to six months.

It should be noted that a few weeks ago, the MEF presented an initiative within Impulso Peru that sought to cover up to 55% of the salary of young people between 18 and 29 years of age; however, this was dismissed in the Legislature.

He also announced that they will bet on formalizing, together with Sunafil, 349,000 workers and with the Employment Centers, giving employment to 40,000 compatriots nationwide.

In addition, with the Lurawi Peru program, they aim to close this year with the generation of 140,400 temporary jobs by financing immediate and intensive activities with unskilled labor from the population living in poverty and extreme poverty.

union strengthening

Otárola recalled that only 5% of formal workers in the private sector are unionized, therefore, we have the lowest rate in the region.

Based on this, with the National Plan for the Promotion of Union Freedom they will strengthen the exercise of this constitutional right by promoting dialogue “as a mechanism for the prevention of socio-labor conflicts.”

Finally, he clarified that the Ministry of Labor will prioritize the improvement of pensions “which have been relegated for a long time with amounts that do not allow retirees a dignified life.”

Source: Larepublica

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