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Germany suggests avoiding trips to China amid wave of COVID-19

Germany suggests avoiding trips to China amid wave of COVID-19

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs German “discourages” trips that are not essential to Chinabefore an outbreak of infections of COVID-19 unprecedented for three years.

“We are currently advising against non-essential travel to China. The reason is the peak of COVID infections and the overloaded health system”the ministry’s rapid reaction center said on Twitter on Saturday.

China is facing a wave of infections unprecedented for three years, and the European Union (EU) has urged its Member States this week to impose a screening carried out in China, before the flight, and encouraged the Twenty-seven to complete it with “random trials” upon arrival on European soil.

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Several countries, including USA, Japanhave already taken identical measures.

Despite the uptick in infections, the Chinese authorities will end mandatory quarantines on arrival in China on Sunday and again allow Chinese people to travel abroad, after three years of restrictions.

Beijing on Tuesday condemned the imposition of anticovid tests by some countries, considering them “unacceptable” and threatening “countermeasures”.

The World Health Organization (WHO) denounces for his part the controversial methods of Beijing to count the victims of the coronavirus.

Although Chinese hospitals are overwhelmed and crematoriums overwhelmed, authorities are reporting very few COVID-19-related deaths.

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