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The White House admits it is expanding Trump’s immigration policy

The White House admits it is expanding Trump’s immigration policy

The White House admitted this Friday that with his new immigration plan he is expanding the use of the Title 42a controversial health policy of the Government of donald trump (2017-2021) that uses the pretext of the COVID-19 pandemic to expel migrants who cross the border.

President Joe Biden announced on Thursday a new immigration plan that plans to expel Venezuelan, Cuban, Nicaraguan and Haitian migrants who cross the border without permission through this regulation, whose future now depends on the courts.

“Yes, we are temporarily expanding the expulsions with the Title 42 with the expectation that we will end up raising it”, The White House National Security Council spokesman, John Kirby, responded at a press conference.

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The official, however, stressed that this is being done “in response to a historic and unprecedented level of migrants from the mainland arriving at the southern border” escaping from “intolerable circumstances”.

Kirby insisted that the Biden administration does not like Title 42 because it is “a public health regulation” used by Trump as “immigration policy” and he was of the opinion that the solution is for Congress to approve an immigration reform.

The government was going to lift the Title 42 by order of a judge at the end of 2021, but the Supreme Court ordered him to maintain it as a precautionary measure at the request of twenty states in the country.

Biden’s new plan contemplates delivering 30,000 permits per month to Venezuelan, Cuban, Nicaraguan and Haitian migrants who have a sponsor who pays for their stay in the United States.

However, all those who cross the southern border without those permits will be expelled to Mexico and banned from the country for five years.

Faced with criticism from organizations defending the right to asylum, Kirby responded that the Government is significantly increasing “legal ways” so that people fleeing those countries can enter the United States. “We have a different vision”, said.

Biden will visit the border with Mexico for the first time as president on Sunday and then fly to Mexico City to participate in the North American Leaders Summit with his Mexican counterparts, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, and Canadian, Justin Trudeau.

The visit to the border will allow the president to monitor with his own eyes the immigration situation and anti-drug policy, Kirby explained.

The spokesman assured that the United States maintains “great cooperation” with Mexico on immigration.

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