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Zelensky visits the White House: why the first foreign trip since the start of the war is so important

Zelensky visits the White House: why the first foreign trip since the start of the war is so important

The President of Ukraine, Volodimir Zelenskyvisits the United States this Wednesday to meet with the US president, Joe Biden. Both leaders seek to negotiate new ways of supporting Ukraine in the face of the Russian invasion. This was announced this Wednesday by the White House spokeswoman: “President Biden hopes to welcome President Zelenski to the White House today, December 21.” It is the first trip that Zelensky has made since the start of the war on February 24. A surprise meeting that will take place more than 300 days after the Russian invasion.

The Ukrainian president’s appointment with Biden is intended to reinforce US support for Ukraine and boost its economic, humanitarian and military aid. For the journalist who is an expert in international affairs, Sandro Pozzi, in statements to Rojo Vivo, “At this moment the United States is a fundamental ally. Ukraine needs financial and military support from the US to carry out this counteroffensive”. Although it has been caught by surprise, it is a meeting that has been days in the making.

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how it was planned 9 days ago, during a phone call between the two leaders, according to US sources.

  • The White House invited Zelenski, but it was not formalized until last Sunday. At which time the Ukrainian government confirmed its intention to travel to the United States.

What do you expect. The meeting seeks to help Ukraine defend itself against Russian aggression. According to Yago Rodríguez, director of The Political Room: “Ukraine should get all the help it can and there are some key systems, like the Patriots, that are on the table.”

  • Thus, there will be talk of a new military aid package of almost 2,000 million dollars. Specifically, a battery patriot missiles highly sophisticated. According to senior administration officials, these will provide the Ukrainian military with much better defenses against Russian attacks.
  • The new measures will also include support for Ukraine’s air defenses.
  • With this help Joe Biden wants to send a message to Putin and other world leaders: The US is not going to abandon Ukraine

How will the visit be? Under a broad security protocol.

  • Biden’s team is aware of the risks posed by Zelensky’s first visit outside the country in wartime. Therefore, the planning of his arrival has been carried out under intense secrecy. Also the meeting with the president of the United States.
  • Their decisions will be known at a subsequent White House press conference and at the expected joint session of Congress.

Previous signs. The truth is that both Zelenski and the US administration had already given signs that this meeting could take place.

  • Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the United States House of Representatives, sent a letter to all House lawmakers asking them to attend Wednesday night’s session in person even though they have the ability to vote remotely.
  • “We are wrapping up a very special session of the 117th Congress with legislation that makes progress for the American people and supports our democracy. Be there for a very special spotlight on democracy on Wednesday night,” Pelosi wrote.
  • In addition, during the visit of the Ukrainian president to the city of Bakhmut, the soldiers gave him a flag to present to the Congress. Zelensky, far from denying it, promised to give it to Biden, according to Ukrainian media.

for note. An unexpected trip that occurs in the midst of controversy among American leaders. Just hours before the news of Zelensky’s visit, Republicans in the US House were opposing a spending bill that included aid to Ukraine. They justified that money is better spent in the United States. “In case you haven’t heard, our government wants to send another $47 billion to Ukraine. Yes, seriously,” said far-right Republican Lauren Boebert on Twitter.

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