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The UN fears an escalation of tensions in Peru and asks the police and protesters to contain themselves

The UN fears an escalation of tensions in Peru and asks the police and protesters to contain themselves

The United Nations Office for Human Rights expressed on Monday its fear of a possible escalation of tensions in Peru given the increase in protests in various regions of the country, in which two people have already died, and asked both protesters like the police to act with restraint.

“We are deeply concerned that the situation could worsen”said in a statement the spokeswoman for the United Nations office Martha Hurtadowho asked the authorities to “respect their obligations in terms of human rights and allow them to exercise the right to peaceful assembly and freedom of opinion and expression.”

The spokeswoman also warned that in some cases the police could be exercising a “unnecessary and disproportionate use of force” when responding to protests.

“We urge the police to ensure that force is only used when strictly necessary,” highlighted in the official note, where it was recalled that at least two young people aged 15 and 18 have died this Sunday in clashes between police and protesters, in the southern region of Apurímac.

Hurtado also urged the Peruvian authorities to guarantee that journalists can work “no fear of bullying”, after some reporters have been injured while covering the protests, becoming targets of both police and protesters in some cases.

The office headed by the high commissioner Volker Turk He also denounced the indiscriminate use of tear gas to suppress the protests, and that there have been dozens of injuries, including at least four police officers.

“We underline the importance of listening to the concerns and complaints of the population in the current situation, in line with the obligation of the State to protect, respect and guarantee human rights”the spokeswoman said.

The protests continue today Monday with roadblocks in which thousands of people in different regions of the country express their rejection of the dismissal of the until last week Pedro Castillo and they ask for the resignation of her successor, Dina Boluarte.

Castle He remains in custody after being dismissed last Wednesday by Congress, after ordering the dissolution of the Legislature and announcing that he would form an emergency Executive, govern by decree, convene a constituent assembly and carry out a reorganization of the judicial system.

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