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CD PROJEKT RED announces another game about The Witcher.  “A new saga begins”

CD PROJEKT RED announces another game about The Witcher. “A new saga begins”

“A new saga begins” – these words announced a new game with Officially announced that another single player game will be created, part of the most popular series

The developer does not provide more details about the announced position yet. However, it was announced that future studio projects will use Unreal Engine 5 as part of a strategic partnership planned for many years with. The new engine is to replace the proprietary REDengine technology, which the company has been using since 2011. The first game to see how the new system works will be just announced

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CD PROJEKT RED announces the new The Witcher

One of the key pillars of RED 2.0, the transformation the studio is currently undergoing, is a greater emphasis on technology, and this is what is at the heart of our collaboration with Epic Games. Our goal was not simply to obtain a license for the engine; Together with our partners, we see this cooperation as the first step in a long and fruitful cooperation – says Paweł Zawodny, CTO of CD PROJEKT RED.

Zawodny emphasized that in this way the studio will receive tools to create games that it did not have before. One of Epic Games’ main goals was to enable development teams to create dynamic open worlds that combine scale and quality of visuals.

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CD PROJEKT RED begins cooperation with Epic Games

“We believe that our efforts will benefit the entire game development community over the next few years,” said Tim Sweeney, founder and Epic Games.

At the same time, CD PROJEKT RED has confirmed that the REDengine technology that drives it will remain in use when it comes to producing the upcoming expansion pack for

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