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Reference fuel prices down this week in Peru

Reference fuel prices down this week in Peru

Osinergmin published the reference prices for oil derivatives for this week in Peru, with a slight decline for fuels such as gasohols and diesel. The evaluated average corresponds to the period of global oil de-escalation last week, after the start of peace negotiations between Russia and Ukraine.

Thus, the reference price in Peru for Gasohol 97 it fell from S/ 12.55 to S/ 12.48; while the Gasohol 95 it went from S/ 12.37 to S/ 12.26; the gashol 90, from S/ 12.09 to S/ 11.97; and the Gasohol 84from S/ 11.55 to S/ 11.35.

As for the industrial ones, used mainly in boilers, ovens and burners, the Industrial Oil 6 evaluated by Osinergmin it marked S/ 9.29 per gallon, below the S/ 9.42 of last week; while the Industrial Oil 500 did the same by going from S/ 9.30 to S/ 9.15.

The Diesel B5 0 – 2500ppmone of the fuels with the best performance in the automotive fleet, went from S/ 14.34 to S/ 14.12, while Diesel B5 2500 – 5000ppm it rose from S/ 12.93 to S/ 12.80.

Finally, the reference price of the liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) It went from costing S/ 3.62 to S/ 3.44 per kilogram. It should be noted that LPG and Diesel B5 for vehicle use are products that are included within the scope of the Fuel Price Stabilization Fund (FEPEC).


The reference exchange rate of the dollar to evaluate the average of the last two weeks, ranging from March 7 to 18, was S/ 3.73, slightly lower than the S/ 3.74 used in the publication of the previous week.

From this reference price, faucets throughout the country draw up their own price table, and compete in the free market among themselves. In our country, the two major suppliers are Repsol and PetroperĂș (the latter, in reality, is only dedicated to renting the name under the so-called “Petrored”). Therefore, this reference price is not the one that end users will necessarily find when supplying their vehicles.

Source: Larepublica

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