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Starlinki from Orlen reached Ukraine.  “It was a difficult but very important task”

Starlinki from Orlen reached Ukraine. “It was a difficult but very important task”

The Polish Oil Concern Orlen donated “a large batch of Starlinek” to Ukraine. The president of the company, Daniel Obajtek, announced via social media that this satellite telecommunications system had arrived in the country.

Starlinki purchased by Poland added to Ukraine. “It was a difficult but very important task”

“We support Ukraine and its citizens! Purchased by us have reached their destination and are already helping Ukraine to maintain uninterrupted contact with the world. Thanks to Elon Musk for the express implementation of this order” – wrote on Friday evening on Twitter the president of PKN Orlen, sharing the post of the deputy prime minister.

“While Russia blocks access to the Internet, Ukraine is opening up more and more to the whole world. Ukraine is true. The truth always wins. Thank you to Elon Musk, the Polish government and Orlen,” Mykhailo Fedorov wrote on Friday.

“It was a difficult, but very important task. We managed to hand over a large party of Starlinks to Ukraine at an express pace, which will enable it to contact the world. We support our neighbors and remain in solidarity with Ukraine and its citizens” – added Daniel Obajtek on Saturday morning.

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Orlen has purchased Starlinki for Ukraine. What is this system?

Starlink is a telecommunications satellite system built by an American company, founded by SpaceX. Ultimately (by 2027), it is planned to place on the so-called low orbit around 12 thousand. satellites. Access to the system will guarantee Ukraine constant communication with the world – this is very important, especially in the event that Russia destroys the Ukrainian Internet infrastructure.


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