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Amparo Guillén returns to the stage;  the Ecuadorian artist takes up her musical facet with live shows

Amparo Guillén returns to the stage; the Ecuadorian artist takes up her musical facet with live shows

“I can’t fall, I already fell, I already got desperate, now we’re getting little cachuelitos,” says actress Amparo Guillén excitedly, who will offer a live show this Saturday, March 19, together with her musical group.

Guillén, remembered for her character of Lupita in the series Mis Adorables Entenados, has resumed artistic presentations, an activity that has also served to improve her mood. She shows in the timbre of her voice, the happiness of working live again. Today, starting at 9:00 p.m., she will be accompanied by her musicians in a musical monologue that will take place at the Posada de las Garzas (located at Circunvalación 536 y Primera, Urdesa Norte). Juan Bustamante (guitarist), Manuel Campos (percussionist) and Jorge Marlon (musical director) will perform with her.

“This is the return of Amparo Guillén to music but with her band, and there are also very nice things that are coming out for us. They chose us to go to Mexico in October, to represent Ecuador with indigenous Ecuadorian music and we are working on it, ”says the artist about her new work projects.

The artist affirms that this show is given thanks to the support of her artist friends and the owner of the place where the show will take place. “They are doing it for me to have help, that is an important part. The repertoire will be varied, there will be songs by Paquita La del barrio, Marc Anthony, José José, everything”, she adds.

Amparo Guillén, the Lupita of ‘My adorable entenados’: My wish is not that they feel sorry for me, my wish is to be able to work

Jazmín, Lya Salazar, Freddy Rivadeneira and Lizz ‘la romantica will also perform on this stage as guest artists. Admission for this show is $15. Reservations at telephone numbers: 099-9588-134 and 099-969-5648.

In addition to his musical return, Guillén also has performances with part of the cast of My adorable entenados in the play Madrastra, there is only one, at the El Ángel theater, at 8:30 p.m. Oswaldo Segura, Sandra Pareja, Andrés Garzón and Héctor Garzón also plan to participate in this production. Reservations: 098-937-5593 and 042-380-5850.

international scenarios

Guillén is planning a trip to Mexico together with the musicians who accompany her in her band. “Jorge Marlon, the group’s pianist, sent some videos because he has been to conventions in Mexico and of all the videos that have been posted, they chose Amparo Guillén with her band to go to that country to represent Ecuador and if God helps us and I know that this is going to be the case, we will talk to the Ministry of Culture”, he expresses.

The artist, who has been singing since her childhood, also details that if she took this trip she would be in Cancun next October. She would sing national music on said date. “The only thing I want is to get out of this and give my country the highest position possible in this convention, I am very happy because God is blessing me a lot,” she says. (I)

Source: Eluniverso

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