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iPhone 16 predicted to be a success

Wedbush: Demand for iPhone 16 smartphones will be crazy due to AI

Wedbush investment company analysts predicted great success for Apple’s new smartphones. The experts were quoted by Appleinsider.

According to experts, in 2024 — with the release of the iPhone 16 series of smartphones — the so-called large-scale update cycle will occur. A landmark generation of devices should enter the market, and there will be a frantic demand for phones.

Wedbush attributed the success of the new devices to the artificial intelligence (AI) features that will support the iPhone 16, iPhone 15 Pro, and 15 Pro Max smartphones. Apple must also resolve all issues related to the supply and production of iPhone components in China.

The investment firm’s experts are confident that the example of Apple, which has teamed up with the creators of ChatGPT OpenAI, will be contagious. The American corporation will also be able to make significant profits by providing AI functions to its clients.

In May 2024, Wedbush analysts set a price target for Apple shares at $275. According to forecasters, the securities will be more expensive by $30-40 in the future. In July, Apple shares were trading at a price of $216-227.

Earlier, sources of the Chinese publication CTEE said that Apple planned to sell a record number of new iPhones – 100 million units. In 2023, Apple set a goal of shipping 80 to 90 million smartphones to the market.

Source: Lenta

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