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Features of cheap Apple augmented reality glasses revealed

Features of cheap Apple augmented reality glasses revealed

Bloomberg: Cheap version of Apple Vision Pro will only work with iPhone or Mac

The available version of the Apple Vision Pro augmented and virtual reality headset will not be able to work autonomously. Bloomberg reports this.

According to agency observer Mark Gurman, Apple expects to introduce a cheap version of Vision Pro in 2025. The corporation’s engineers have found a way to save on the production of the device. It is expected that the new helmet will not be standalone like the Vision Pro – the device will require a connection to an iPhone or Mac to operate.

From the report revealed by Gurman, it appears that the affordable gadget will not have the same processing power as the Vision Pro, which costs at least $3,500. Therefore, a feature of the glasses will be an operating mode in which the helmet will partially rely on the performance of a connected smartphone or computer.

“The company has no plans to abandon the high-end headset market, but the second generation Vision Pro will take longer,” Gurman noted. The journalist emphasized that Apple postponed the release of the second generation of the premium device from 2025 to the end of 2026.

Apple released the Vision Pro augmented and virtual reality headset in February. The minimum cost of the device was $3,500, or about 309 thousand rubles.

At the end of June, sources from The Information said that Apple had postponed the release of Vision Pro 2 in favor of a cheap headset. The device can be valued at 1500-2000 dollars, or 130-180 thousand rubles.

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