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A battery with a record energy density has been created for Apple

A battery with a record energy density has been created for Apple

9to5Mac: Apple supplier TDK has created a battery with record energy density

The Japanese company TDK announced a breakthrough in the field of solid-state batteries. This was reported by 9to5Mac.

According to the company’s engineers, they have developed a technology that allows them to create batteries with a record density of 1000 watt-hours per liter. This is approximately 100 times the energy density of classic solid-state batteries.

“TDK’s technology aims to provide a solution that can be used in a variety of wearable devices, such as wireless headphones, hearing aids and even smart watches,” the company noted. Journalists from 9to5Mac suggested that the new batteries could be used in Apple gadgets, since TDK is one of the suppliers of the American IT giant.

According to the authors of the publication, TDK technology will be useful against the backdrop of the decision of the European Commission, whose members stated that electronics manufacturers should abandon the use of batteries in favor of rechargeable batteries. The material says that first of all, the new elements can be used in AirPods or AirTag, and then scaled up to use in the iPhone and MacBook Pro.

Earlier, Bloomberg sources said that Apple has begun work on reducing the size of its gadgets. So, in 2025, the company should present the iPhone 17 with a record thin body.

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