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Apple to release AirPods with built-in thermometer

Apple plans to release headphones with health features in the coming years. This is reported by The Wall Street Journal (WSJ).

As it became known to sources familiar with the plans of the American company, Apple is developing AirPods with a built-in function for measuring body temperature. Also, the journalists of the publication got acquainted with the documents according to which the American corporation is interested in expanding the medical functions of its gadgets. So, in addition to a thermometer, a posture corrector can be added to wireless headphones.

WSJ sources said that Apple is also going to position its headphones as a hearing aid. At the very least, these features can already be activated at a basic level in AirPods. Insiders said that the IT giant is definitely not going to release headphones with a thermometer and posture corrector anytime soon, but is working to implement these features in the future.

Reporters noted that Apple recently added voice amplification to its AirPods Pro wireless headset. It allows users to communicate in a noisy environment.

In September, WSJ journalists said that Apple intends to develop a tool for remote diagnostics of users’ mental health. The documents reviewed by the authors dealt with depression and cognitive decline.

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