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Fraudsters are taking advantage of the case of Iwona Wieczorek.  We know how they capture data

Fraudsters are taking advantage of the case of Iwona Wieczorek. We know how they capture data

The case of Iwona Wieczorek has remained unsolved for several years, but it still evokes strong emotions. Internet criminals decided to use them, impersonating a well-known radio station, sending information about the alleged discovery of the girl in order to extort data.

The case of Iwona Wieczorek has not been solved to this day. Despite this, cybercriminals do not hesitate to take advantage of the tragedy that occurred several years ago. Taking advantage of the popularity of the topic, they publish false information on the Internet about finding the girl, the aim of which is to extort other users’ data.

The case of Iwona Wieczorek. Online fraudsters are taking advantage of the tragedy

As the website warns in its entry from April 22, cybercriminals publish false posts about finding Iwona Wieczorek. The description contains gruesome details, as well as a link where we can supposedly find more information. “After clicking the link, we are redirected to a website impersonating Radio RMF,” we read in the entry. “The familiar graphic design effectively convinces us that we have come to the right website. We can read the rest of the article and even watch a recording of the ‘crime scene’. To access this ‘content’, we only need to confirm our age, which involves entering our login and password for the Facebook profile,” describes CyberRescue.

The author of the entry emphasizes that by sharing this data, we expose ourselves to identity theft and loss of control over the account. Our profile can be taken over and fraudsters “will use it to send spam, publish unwanted content or even extort money from friends.” CyberRescue adds that in such situations:

  • never provide login details;
  • check the website URL to make sure it is a real website;
  • report false posts to website administrators.

Additionally, if we suspect that we have fallen victim to this type of fraud, we should change our Facebook account login password as soon as possible, log out of other devices and enable two-step verification.

The disappearance of Iwona Wieczorek. The case remains unsolved to this day

As we recalled last year when we devoted this case to Netflix, Iwona Wieczorek disappeared on the night of July 16-17, 2010. The high school graduate arranged to go out with her friends. In the “Dream Club” club located in “Krzywy Domek” on ul. Bohaterów Monte Cassino in Sopot, the teenager allegedly argued with her friends and then left the disco alone around 3 a.m. Then she started walking home. The surveillance camera last recorded her at 4:12 a.m. at the entrance to the beach in Jelitkowo in Gdańsk, not far from her place of residence. Then the girl disappeared.

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