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One bug and the orchid leaves will turn yellow.  Just a simple change is enough to save him

One bug and the orchid leaves will turn yellow. Just a simple change is enough to save him

The orchid is a popular flower grown in homes. Although it looks beautiful, its cultivation is not easy at all. It is a demanding plant, and improper care may cause it to wither and the leaves to turn yellow. How to prevent this?

An orchid is a type of perennial plant belonging to the Orchidaceae family. There are many varieties of this plant, but the most popular ones we can find in our homes are phalaenopsis and dendrobium. However, it sometimes happens that the flower begins to wither and the leaves wrinkle and curl. What to do in that case? It turns out that many people make a mistake when growing plants.

How to properly care for orchids? It is a demanding plant, but if properly cared for, it will reward you with beautiful flowers

The best substrate for an orchid will be a mixture of tree bark, peat and expanded clay. This plant does not require very frequent watering, and it is best to water it only when the soil is completely dry.

Orchid Orchid

are the orchids turning yellow and the flowers slowly drying up? This is a sign that things are not going well with the plant. A common cause of this phenomenon is chlorosis. This is a popular disease that attacks orchids. Symptoms include slow growth, change in leaf color, wrinkling of flowers and poor flowering. However, before we take steps to fight the disease, it is worth considering where our flower stands. It turns out that this is a common mistake that causes the plant to grow poorly.

What to do when an orchid withers? Take care of the right place. This is the key thing

The orchid should be placed in a well-lit position. If it stands in the shade or in a place where there is no access to diffused light, it may start to wither. In winter, it is best to place it on the windowsill facing south, in spring and summer, the ideal place will be the eastern or western side, because too strong sunlight may cause the leaves to burn. If you feel like it, vote in our poll below.

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