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The police busted the cybergang.  Hundreds of thousands injured, millions of dollars in losses

The police busted the cybergang. Hundreds of thousands injured, millions of dollars in losses

The police busted a cybergang suspected of using technology to extort data. 37 people were arrested around the world. It is believed that 70,000 people were scammed in Great Britain alone. people.

According to reports, 24 suspects were arrested in Great Britain alone. A total of 37 people were captured around the world and 70 properties were searched. All those arrested allegedly belonged to a cybergang accused of providing a technological service that allows criminals to rob victims. In Great Britain alone, 70,000 people were defrauded in this way. citizens.

Cybergang busted. Hundreds of thousands injured

According to the British portal “”, the police mainly dealt with the LabHost website. The site allowed users to create pages that phished unsuspecting people for information such as email addresses, passwords and bank account details. The criminals committed theft on a massive scale, stealing PLN 480,000. card numbers and 64 thousand PIN numbers worldwide. The police did not determine how much money was stolen, but estimates put it at around £1 million ($1.25 million).

The police worked to dismantle the cybergang for two years

The tracing and arrest of the criminals was the result of two years of cooperation between the Metropolitan Police, the National Crime Agency, London Police and law enforcement agencies in 17 countries. “You are more likely to be a victim of fraud than any other crime,” Dame Lynne Owens, deputy commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, told the BBC. – Our approach must be more precise and targeted. In particular, we must focus on those who enable such crimes to be committed on an international scale, she concluded.

By 2024, over 40,000 projects have been created using LabHost. sites where data could be stolen, and there were 2,000 registered sites. users. 170 fake institutions were created on LabHost, 47 of which were based in the UK.

Source: Gazeta

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