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After breaking up with Kammel, she used the “snacking trick” and lost 30 kg.  Everyone was talking about the metamorphosis

After breaking up with Kammel, she used the “snacking trick” and lost 30 kg. Everyone was talking about the metamorphosis

Katarzyna Niezgoda gained popularity in the media as Tomasz Kammel’s partner. After breaking up with the presenter, the lawyer underwent a surprising metamorphosis. She lost as much as 30 kilograms. This is her secret.

Katarzyna Niezgoda is a lawyer by education, and professionally she works as an economist and banker. Today, she is considered one of the most efficient businesswomen in the country. She appeared in show business thanks to her relationship with Tomasz Kammel, which lasted over a decade and ended in 2015. Just a few years ago, the whole of Poland was talking about her.

The metamorphosis and weight of Discord. An unhealthy lifestyle had a negative impact on her figure

When Niezgoda met the presenter, Tomasz Kammel, she fell victim to negative comments. For many years, she was associated with the unfair prism of her overweight. In an interview with “Viva!” she admitted that she had almost always looked at herself as a “fat” person and even when she lost weight, she couldn’t get rid of this thought. – I had it in my head that I was fat and I remembered it all the time. Even though I had already graduated and was really slim, I was I still perceived myself as fat. This affected my psyche and awareness of my appearance. And if something cannot be forgotten, it hurts – Katarzyna Niezgoda.

Her friend encouraged her to fight for a slim figure. At the same time, the lawyer explained that she had been leading a very unhealthy lifestyle for years. Excessive stress, sedentary work and frequent snacking. This all contributed to her weight problems. – I probably weighed about one hundred and twenty kilograms then and finally my friend gained the courage to tell me bluntly that I should do something with myself. And I was busy with the whole world and work at that time, she recalled.

Katarzyna Niezgoda lost 30 kilograms. The way to get a slim figure turned out to be simple

Niezgoda started fighting for her dream figure. In recent years, thanks to radical changes in habits, she managed to lose 30 kilograms. She gave up eating sweets, gluten and bread. Tomasz Kammel’s former partner also had a weakness for snacking. She managed to replace her dietary sin with an absorbing activity. – When I feel like I’m on edge, I come up with different activities, I clean, I iron, I go to exercise. Just don’t think about food. Because the less I weigh, the more energy I have, and this is priceless – your secret.

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