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New reason for buying a laptop named

Russians have become more likely to purchase laptop computers to create content for social networks. This was reported by the Kommersant newspaper.

Journalists cite a recent report from the GfK agency, according to which nine percent of Russian residents purchased a computer to create content for social networks. Analysts noted the increased interest in this area and called this reason a new incentive for purchasing a laptop. In 2020, this reason was included in the “Other” segment, which gained only three percent.

According to Andrei Seregin, senior consultant of the industrial products research department of GfK, in 2020, residents of the country mainly purchased computers for remote work. “Now we single out the creation of content as a separate incentive for buyers, since it showed a sharp increase,” the specialist noted.

According to the report, 1.4 million laptops worth 81 billion rubles were sold in Russia in the first half of 2021. In unit terms, sales were 13 percent lower than in the same period in 2020.

From Yandex search data, it follows that most often users are looking for devices costing from 30 to 50 thousand rubles. According to the M.Video-Eldorado group, the demand is shifting to the middle and upper price segments.

In mid-September, representatives of AliExpress Russia announced that Lenovo IP Gaming 3 was recognized as the most popular laptop among Russians. A large share of devices aimed at gamers was also noted.

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