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Microsoft allowed its gadgets to be repaired

Microsoft has allowed self-repair of its equipment. This is reported on the iFixit website.

The American IT giant has agreed to a partnership with iFixit, which is studying the maintainability of various devices. Within the framework of cooperation, authorized suppliers, corporate clients and independent users will be able to purchase equipment for self-repair of gadgets.

“Microsoft has taken a big step towards making repairs available to customers,” said chief executive Kyle Wiens. Vince’s company has repeatedly reviewed devices from Microsoft, in particular, Surface laptops. Usually, devices received a low rating due to the fact that they are almost impossible to repair without special knowledge and tools.

The first step in the collaboration between the two companies was the release of a repair kit that will replace the display of the affected Surface computer. “Like many companies, Microsoft still has a long way to go in terms of maintainability and we are delighted to join them,” said Kyle Vince.

At the end of November, Apple announced the launch of the Self Service Repair program for home gadgets. Following the iPhone manufacturer, Xiaomi announced the presence of a similar program.

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