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In social networks, the authenticity of the “run” about torture was established and they believe that the humanization of “concepts” is a step towards civil society

A historic event has taken place in the criminal world of Russia. For the first time in many years, “concepts” were revised – unspoken laws and norms of behavior that regulate the life of the thieves’ community since the times of the Soviet Union.

We are talking about the so-called “omitted” – as a rule, this term in prison jargon designates a passive homosexual or a person with whom homosexual sexual intercourse was forcibly committed.

Now, as reported, an unusual “run” from thieves in law has spread through Russian prisons (a kind of official information for people who consider themselves to be the thieves’ world). It says that prisoners who have been tortured, raped and abused by jailers should not be demoted. And those who have already become victims are asked not to follow the lead of the jailers and not “break” other prisoners.

“It is not human to humiliate and mock them, because humanly you can only sympathize with them,” the message says.

Acceptance of the “run” was confirmed by one of the victims of torture in the Saratov colony. He claims that the letter was written at a thieves’ meeting, where, among others, the thief in law Shakro Molodoy was allegedly present. After that, the “run” began to spread throughout prisons and colonies.

It is not a fact that local “authorities” will execute it. But even so, if the “decree” is real, it will deal a strong blow to the torture system. Much more than the ostentatious dismissal of FSIN employees.

Many people are curious why they are filming torture on camera at all? Answer: By filming an act of sexual violence, you can blackmail a prisoner precisely because of the “concepts” according to which any person who was previously raped would automatically become “omitted”. As a result, the victims of torture were ready to make a deal with the investigation or give money, and if they did not, the video was shown to other convicts.

The “run” makes it impossible to blackmail convicts in this way.

In addition, the very fact that such a criminal “memorandum” appeared is almost a sensation. The “thieves’ law” is rarely corrected. But, apparently, it was in 2021 that this could not be avoided.

All materials on the topic “Torture in Russian prisons.”

Since October of this year, the topic of torture in the FSIN system has been updated due to the publication of a video with torture of people in the hospital of the Saratov FSIN. According to human rights activist Vladimir Osechkin, 40 gigabytes of torture videos were filmed by employees of the department on official video recorders, and later other videos appeared on the Internet. Criminal cases were initiated, the situation was taken over by the Prosecutor General’s Office, the State Duma and the Federation Council.

However, almost no one on social networks, except for state employees-Kremlin bots, believes that the Russian government will destroy the torture system. First of all – because of the generally accepted opinion that she herself uses it.

Against this background, the humanization of thieves’ “legislation” looks not just curious, but a symbolic action. As many commentators note about the “run” news.

(This is a programmer who handed over to human rights defenders an archive of videos with torture of prisoners in Russian colonies. This is Belarusian Sergei Savelyev, his name was announced after he left for France).

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Source: Rosbalt

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