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Fraudsters pulled the old method out of the drawer.  They use the luggage and the airport

Fraudsters pulled the old method out of the drawer. They use the luggage and the airport

Posts advertising alleged auctions for lost suitcases are flooding social media. The prospect of getting unclaimed luggage for next to nothing is tempting, but it’s better to be careful. Chopin Airport warns against another fraud.

Posts are usually marked as sponsored and come from accounts that closely resemble the official Chopin Airport profile on Facebook. Criminals use the name and logo of the capital airport and post photos of suitcases that travelers allegedly did not collect after arriving in Warsaw.

Does the airport offer lost luggage for PLN 13? It’s a scam. The target is card data

Fraudsters offer on social media the opportunity to buy luggage that no one has claimed for a few or a dozen zlotys. One of the profiles impersonating Chopin Airport promotes posts on Facebook with information about the sale of suitcases (with their contents) that “have been in storage for over 6 months.” The posts are accompanied by photos that – as it might seem at first glance – were taken in the baggage claim area at the Warsaw airport.

“Warsaw Chopin Airport sells lost luggage that has been in storage for over 6 months. According to the regulations, it should be disposed of, but we decided to sell it for only PLN 13 each,” the fraudsters write in one of their posts on Facebook. The comments also include photos of purchased luggage (with valuable electronics inside) from dozens of people, which are in fact fake profiles. Similar posts are also published by suspicious accounts impersonating the profiles of “Warsaw Chopin Airport” (the English-language account of Chopin Airport), PLL LOT or Poznań-Ławica airport.

We warn you! Websites impersonating Warsaw Chopin Airport and LOT Polish Airlines appear again and offer the sale of left or lost luggage. We do not conduct this type of sales activities!

– writes the Warsaw airport on Facebook.

Chopin Airport emphasizes that it reports false accounts and cooperates with the relevant services in this matter. “We report each new address – we cooperate with state services and institutions responsible for these activities, as well as consult and take possible actions with other entities,” the airport writes. Internet users, in turn, report in the comments that they report false advertisements themselves, but Facebook is reluctant to remove them.

Similar scams have appeared in the past. Now cybercriminals have apparently decided to take advantage of the busy pre-Christmas period to use the old scam again. Their goal, of course, is to extort personal data and payment card numbers during the process of allegedly purchasing lost luggage on fake websites.

Source: Gazeta

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