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Cricket, “Barbie” and… died.  Wikipedia has published a ranking of the most popular entries [LISTA]

Cricket, “Barbie” and… died. Wikipedia has published a ranking of the most popular entries [LISTA]

Wikipedia has published a ranking of the most popular articles in 2023. The list shows that topics related to artificial intelligence and popular culture were very popular. However, cricket may be a surprising item on the list. The top ten included as many as four entries related to this sport.

, the organization managing the website, published on Tuesday, December 5, a list of the most popular slogans in 2023. The top rankings included articles about artificial intelligence, people who died in the last year, popular films and… cricket.

Wikipedia has published a ranking of the most popular entries. Cricket, “Barbie” and… died

The Wikimedia Foundation’s list of most frequently viewed entries includes:

  1. – 49,490,406 views
  2. They died in 2023 – 42,666,860 views
  3. Cricket World Cup 2023 – 38,171,653 views
  4. Indian Premier League – 32,012,810 views
  5. “Oppenheimer” (film) – 28,348,248 views
  6. Cricket World Cup – 25,961,417 views
  7. J. Robert Oppenheimer – 25,672,469 views
  8. “Jawan” (film) – 21,791,126 views
  9. 2023 Indian Premier League – 20,694,974 views
  10. “Pathaan” (film) – 19,932,509 views
  11. “The Last of Us” (series) – 19,791,789 views
  12. Taylor Swift – 19,418,385 views
  13. “Barbie” (film) – 18,051,077 views
  14. Cristiano Ronaldo – 17,492,537 views
  15. Lionel Messi – 16,623,630 views
  16. Premier League – 16,604,669 views
  17. Matthew Perry – 16,454,666 views
  18. United States – 16,240,461 views
  19. Elon Musk – 14,370,395 views
  20. “Avatar: Water Creature” (film) – 14,303,116 views
  21. – 13,850,178 views
  22. Lisa Marie Presley – 13,764,007 views
  23. “Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 3” – 13,392,917 views
  24. Russian invasion of Ukraine – 12,798,866 views
  25. Andrew Tate – 12,728,616 views

Ranking of the most popular Wikipedia entries. Artificial intelligence and a popular film are at the forefront

The ranking was created based on data from November 28, 2023. According to the Wikimedia Foundation, the English version of Wikipedia had 84 billion views this year. The undisputed leader in popularity was the slogan about ChatuGPT. The article on artificial intelligence has had over 49 million hits. The entry in all language versions of Wikipedia has gained over 78 million views. The Wikimedia Foundation assessed that the high interest in ChatemGPT is the result of the ongoing “debate on the changing role of artificial intelligence, its impact on humanity and the technology sector, and ethical issues.”

Entries related to J. Robert Oppenheimer, one of the fathers, also ranked high. The main reason for this popularity is undoubtedly the famous film directed by Christopher Nolan, which took fifth place in the ranking. “Oppenheimer” became famous, among other things, thanks to its media and marketing rivalry with Greta Gerwig’s film, whose world premiere took place on the same day. In the Wikipedia ranking, the film inspired by the famous doll took 13th place.

India dominates the Wikipedia rankings. They brought with them the cricket phenomenon

From a European perspective, the high position of an article devoted to the Cricket World Cup may seem surprising. Contrary to appearances, this sport can boast a huge number of fans, partly due to the popularity of this discipline in India – the largest country in the world in terms of population. Articles about the Cricket World Cup and the Indian Premier League were ranked third, fourth, sixth and ninth, respectively. Much further, however, there were entries dedicated to famous footballers and the football Premier League. They only took 14th, 15th and 16th place.

Entries related to Bollywood productions also ranked high. In eighth and 10th place were the Hindi titles “Jawan” and “Pathaan”, which this year became the highest-grossing films in Indian history. However, the American film “Avatar: Water Creature”, the sequel to the highest-grossing film of all time, fared much worse in the Wikipedia ranking.

Source: Gazeta

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