Then there was another half hour, only 30 minutes, until the finish Spanish bullfighter Juan Ortega He decided to inform the church where he would marry his fiancée that no church wedding would take place.

In a surprising, rather abrupt way, Ortega, born in Seville, Spain, ended the party he had started a day earlier with what they now call pre-wedding.

The bride, cardiologist Carmen Otte, family, friends and guests received the announcement like a real ice water bath.

At first it was said that it was the bullfighter who called Otte to cancel the match. On Tuesday, December 5, it was stated on TV that Ortega had sent two friends so that they would inform him of his decision. There was no way back. From then on, everyone wants to know what caused the groom’s freak out.

No one could believe that Ortega would end the relationship he had with his partner of ten years in this way. They are both 33 years old.

For the rest of the weekend, what happened was the topic of discussion for many.

By word of mouth and from there to networks, the fact that he left her at the altar of the Church of Santiago in Jérez de la Frontera continued until the Spanish media reported it, including ABC, Antena 3, El Mundo, 20 Minutos En a long one etcetera.

None of the guests at the ‘pre-wedding’ noticed anything about the bullfighter. Everything was “normaland media, such as 20 Minutos, have published alleged images of that celebration.

She canceled her wedding, but continued with the ‘non-wedding celebration’: without a veil or crown, the bride celebrated with her entire family.

Who is Juan Ortega

They describe him in El Español as a “religious, well-educated, serene, sensible man who has always lived for and for bullfighting.”

As a child he was passionate about bullfighting. “At the age of 9 he started at the Seville Amate bullfighting school. He then studied to graduate as an agricultural engineer at the University of Córdoba (…).”

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El Español specified that in September 2014, Juan Ortega “took the alternative, that is, the ceremony by which the bullfighter acquires the bullfighter category.”

Juan Ortega is an extremely religious, formal and serious man.

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The ‘bomb’ in the church

On Saturday, December 2, Juan Ortega allegedly made three phone calls within minutes of the wedding.

In 20 minutes they reported that “the person responsible for communicating the news to some of the 500 guests already waiting in the Jerez church for the bride and groom was not the father, but the bride’s sister , Carmen, called Mercedes, who arrived. in jeans (jeans) to inform those present.”

That medium, which ABC quotes, states that the bullfighter made three phone calls and the first was to a priest, a friend of his from Barcelona, ​​who “advised him not to get married.”

When the decision was made, according to El Mundo, citing Crónica Rosa de Esradio, Ortega called his father and his closest friends, including two friends.

El Mundo responded to a fact revealed in Vanitatis: “A man from Ortega’s gang went upstairs to see what was going on and found him crying like a child. His words were: “I don’t see it! I just don’t see it…”.

The couple had been in a relationship for ten years and lived together for three years.


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One of the first media outlets to say what the bullfighter claimed to the bride to stop the wedding was ABC, from Seville, and replied that it was due to so-called “personal problems”, according to the Antena 3 broadcast.

Before anyone raised the possibility that Ortega no longer loved the cardiologist, the alleged version of infidelity slipped through the cracks.

Juan del Val, close to the bullfighter and invited to the wedding, assured that there are no third parties in his decision and defends the “integrity” of Ortega, published in El Mundo.

He denied that he was ‘drinking in Seville’, where he reportedly flew after being informed of the decision. “He was affected,” Del Val described.

“He may have his motivations, but it is by no means a matter of locking horns,” he is quoted in that medium. For the past few hours – they add on that site – everything ‘points to a matter of faith’.

An alleged argument with his father-in-law has been hypothesized in recent hours, Telecinco reports.

The bullfighter apparently realized that he was keeping the marriage bond to please his in-laws and not because it was his wish.

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The bride and the costs

The press noted that cardiologist Carmen Otte is ‘devastated’.

In 20 minutes they indicated – according to an employee of Espejo Público, Gema López – that they had recommended the woman to go on a trip with her friends.

There has been a lot of talk in recent days about who will pay the costs generated by the ‘non-wedding’. Apparently “the bride’s family asked the bullfighter Ortega to take care of all of them, which cost between 70,000 and 90,000 euros.”

On Tuesday afternoon, December 5, a television program reported on the costs of Juan Ortega’s non-wedding: “The groom’s side took care of everything. “The wedding is paid for.” For now, the protagonists of the “non-wedding” embraced silence.