The characteristic cheerfulness of President Daniel Nobo Azín does not distract attention from the importance of the statements about actions against violence directed by his Government and those that began to be broadcast on the state channel, EcuadorTV.

In order to improve the prison system, he explained that he would have the Israeli team that Nayib Bukele used in El Salvador.

He explained that it is not the only nation where the Israeli group has produced results. The system already worked in Singapore and Mexico, he explained.

Eight clues to the citizens’ security plan, which is being developed by the government of Daniel Noboa

Another action is related to justice and public shame. The media will expose prosecutors or judges who release the leaders of criminal groups and those who commit crimes and sow terror.

The president also announced that in about eight months, three prison barges could arrive in Ecuador to isolate inmates who pose a threat.

“Our organization can provide information to break crime,” said a letter Daniel Noboa received from the gang seeking a peace deal.

“He has a good plan, don’t tell Fit”, is the alias of a convict who is serving his sentence in the Primorska penitentiary. And he did not go into further details of the security plan. The President’s joke in a cheerful tone is very serious. Ecuadorians must understand that the processes against organized crime cannot be publicized because they are alarmed and the regime must understand that only their effectiveness will restore citizens’ confidence in the actions.

It is motivating to hear the president say that his indicator of success will be that companies are not closed (due to extortion), that the number of violent deaths is reduced, that there is order in prisons, controls at ports and borders. All of this will be supported by citizens and will require the involvement of all functions of the state, as there are reforms that need to be fulfilled even in matters such as the exhibition. Although there is already a history of public ridicule: on February 7, 2023, former president Guillermo Lasso exposed five judges.

Transparent, ethical and decisive action to restore security is what the state strives for and will undoubtedly support. (OR)