An apparent error in registering signatures in the resolution of Peru’s Constitutional Court ordering the release of former President Alberto Fujimori has prevented his release this Tuesday and he will have to wait until Wednesday, his daughter Keiko Fujimori said.

In statements to the media, the former presidential candidate explained that “there has been a minor administrative obstacle that has prevented the release today.”

“We hope that this mistake can be corrected in the coming hours, early tomorrow (Wednesday), to carry out the freedom” of his father, Fujimori added at the door of his home.

For what crimes was Alberto Fujimori serving a sentence in Peru?

The eldest daughter of the former president (1990-2000) added that “there was an error in the registration of the signature, and that is why the freedom resolution could not be issued” this Tuesday.

The former congressman also said they are “with a lot of hope” and “a lot of joy,” but that they are now going to “wait very carefully.”

At the same time, he confirmed that his father, 85 years old, is “calm” and “with great enthusiasm” after learning of the TC’s order ordering his immediate freedom, despite a ruling by the Inter-American Court of Rights de Man (Inter-American Court) that asked the Peruvian state not to release the former president, who was sentenced to 25 years in prison for crimes against humanity.

Minutes before Fujimori’s statements, the head of the National Penitentiary Institute (INPE), Javier Llaque, told Canal N that with the missing signatures the process of Fujimori’s release begins and that he hopes the responsible staff will “do their job”.

The resolution, which was signed by three of the current six members of the TC, with the casting vote of the president of the court, Francisco Morales, stated that “the call for reconsideration was founded in the extreme of the direct and immediate implementation of the verdict of March 12 last, a setback in the current process.”

Last Friday, a court in the southern region of Ica declared inadmissible an initial Constitutional Court resolution reinstating Fujimori’s pardon and sending the case back to the TC.

Supreme Court President Francisco Morales had declared that authorities should “proceed to the immediate release” of Fujimori, in violation of two Inter-American Court resolutions. (JO)