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WhatsApp will allow you to hide secret conversations.  You won’t see them without the password

WhatsApp will allow you to hide secret conversations. You won’t see them without the password

A feature debuts on WhatsApp that some users may have been waiting for for a long time. Messenger will allow you to hide conversations that no one else should know about. Before you can read or write a message, you will be required to enter a “secret code”.

WhatsApp introduces a new app to protect our privacy. The messenger introduces the ability to secure the most confidential conversations with a “secret code”.

New feature on WhatsApp. It is intended to protect confidential conversations

WhatsApp has just debuted a new feature that allows you to password-lock conversations that no one else should see. Users will be able to set an independent password for each such conversation, which may be different than the phone’s lock code. Interestingly, each of these passwords may contain not only letters, numbers and special characters, but even emoticons.

The messenger belonging to the Meta conglomerate boasts that thanks to this, no one, even if they access WhatsApp on our phone, will not be able to read confidential conversations. The new function is an extension of the chat block tool that has been operating since May. Thanks to it, we can move any conversation to a separate folder, access to which requires entering the device’s PIN or placing a finger on the smartphone’s scanner.

Chat lock automatically hides incoming notifications within a blocked conversation so that an outsider looking at the phone screen cannot read part of the incoming message. Additionally, WhatsApp will also allow you to hide the safe folder so that it is not visible from the conversation list.

To block a conversation, simply press and hold the chat, and then select the appropriate option from the list. The new function will appear on users’ phones (also in Poland) probably in the coming days or weeks. It is worth updating the application to the latest version during this time.

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