The price list of electricity services for 2024, which includes residential, industrial, public lighting, vehicle fees and incentive rates, was approved on November 30, 2023 by the Governing Council of the Agency for Energy and Energy Regulation and Control. natural resources.

The Ministry of Energy announced that, despite the fact that the power sector is in “intensive care”, it has been decided that there will be no increase in prices for the residential and commercial sectors, which currently reflect an average value of 10 cents per kilowatt hour.

In addition, incentives related to the “dignity rate”, older adults and users belonging to the Energy Efficiency Program for Induction Cooking (PEC) have been confirmed.

For the industrial sector, the board members decided that small farms will continue with incentives, and also for medium and large farms that are self-sufficient during the dry season with their own production and avoid using energy from the National Interconnection. System. .

As part of the agenda, the board members voted to preserve the payment mechanisms for the public lighting service, as well as determine the tariffs for charging vehicles with electricity.

In addition, he ordered the Agency to prepare and implement the relevant procedure.

The committee was chaired by the Deputy Minister of Electricity and Renewable Energy, Ramiro Díaz. Representatives of the Ministries of the Environment, Interior, Defense, Government and the State Secretariat for Planning also participated.