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The 77-year-old believed in “great love”.  She wanted to pay PLN 24,000.  zlotys for transporting boxes of dollars

The 77-year-old believed in “great love”. She wanted to pay PLN 24,000. zlotys for transporting boxes of dollars

A 77-year-old woman believed the assurances of great love from an alleged doctor who was supposed to be on a dangerous mission in Yemen. She decided to take a loan from the bank and pay PLN 24,000. PLN for courier delivery. He still doesn’t believe it’s a fraud attempt.

Municipal Police Headquarters in Białystok, but it came to light thanks to the vigilance of a bank employee. The officers stopped a 77-year-old senior citizen in a bank branch, but she did not fully believe their assurances.

A German from the USA working in Yemen assured the senior of his “great love.” Finally he asked for money

Two weeks earlier, the woman was contacted online by a man pretending to be a doctor. He said he is a German citizen and a permanent resident of the United States, but is currently on a mission in civil war-torn Yemen. The alleged doctor told the 77-year-old about his work and how dangerous a place he now had to live.

However, he assured that he was well paid and sent the Pole photos of boxes filled to the brim with dollars. He also claimed that keeping the money allegedly earned from the mission was very dangerous and he should take it out of Yemen. During two weeks of conversation, their relationship took on the dimension of great love, the police write.

Then the fraudster decided to ask the 77-year-old for help. He claimed that in order to transport a huge amount of cash to Yemen, you need to pay a courier, but (for some unknown reason) he is unable to do it himself. He persuaded the senior woman to send a transfer (alleged payment for a shipment of money) to the account he indicated. He promised that in return he would send all of his hard-earned dollars to her address.

A woman in love went to the bank and took out a loan of PLN 24,000. zloty. The money was supposed to cover the remuneration of the alleged courier, but ultimately – thanks to the intervention of a bank employee – it never reached the fraudster. When the employee heard what the senior citizen was going to do with the borrowed funds, she called the police.

The officers who arrived at the bank branch explained to the 77-year-old that she was a victim of fraud, and the man she met was probably not a doctor and was not in Yemen. However, the senior woman still claimed that she rather believed the man and had to consider whether she should give him the help he asked for. It’s unclear whether he’s still trying to send money to the scammer.

Source: Gazeta

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