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Do you block ads on YouTube?  Users warn: You may see something different than you wanted

Do you block ads on YouTube? Users warn: You may see something different than you wanted

Everything indicates that Google has found a new way to fight users who block ads on YouTube. Internet users found evidence suggesting that the platform serves other, worse content to such people.

At least if they intend to use YouTube in a browser. , but is constantly looking for new ways to convince them to watch ads or purchase the Premium version.

Google’s new idea. YouTube users complain about the videos they show

that YouTube should display different search results depending on whether the browser they are using has an ad-blocking plug-in enabled. When advertising spots are turned off, the results shown will be less accurate than when they are turned on. This may mean that YouTube is intentionally showing users less interesting content to encourage them to unblock ads.

One of the users showed the “function” in practice in a video. Interestingly – as can be concluded from the language in which this user’s ad blocking plugin works – he is Polish, so the difficulties on YouTube also apply to our market. It is also worth noting that after unblocking ads, the platform loads faster, which is now noticed by more and more users.

A few days ago In a comment to 9to5Google, the company confirmed that it “attempted to persuade viewers” with ad blocking enabled to unblock them or try a paid YouTube Premium subscription. As Google writes, all this to “support a diverse ecosystem of creators around the world and enable billions [widzów] access to their favorite content on YouTube.

Google confirmed that “users who have ad blockers installed may experience a sub-optimal experience [czasu] display, regardless of the browser used.” However, it did not directly state whether the delay described was an “attempt to persuade viewers” to watch advertisements or whether it resulted, for example, from some technical issues.

Source: Gazeta

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