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I cut it into slices, dry it and hang it in the closet.  Simple, but it helps you save a lot of money

I cut it into slices, dry it and hang it in the closet. Simple, but it helps you save a lot of money

Do you open the wardrobe and feel an unpleasant smell coming out of it? Unfortunately, even using the best fabric softeners will not prevent the unpleasant smell of clothes that have been left on the shelves for a long time. Fortunately, we know a way to deal with this problem.

Clothes that remain in the closet for a long time develop a characteristic musty smell. The smell quickly spreads to other parts of the wardrobe, so when you open the wardrobe, you sometimes feel like plugging your nose. How to prevent this? Instead of using ready-made liquids, use a home remedy. It is very simple and extremely effective.

What to make a wardrobe scent from? Instead of spending money on a freshener, make it yourself

To prevent unpleasant odors from forming in your wardrobe, you can buy ready-made preparations to hang on hangers, but instead of spending money, try a home trick. Not everyone knows that citrus fruits can deal with unpleasant odors very well.

What to make a wardrobe scent from? photo: private archive

This is a trivial and simple way to avoid clogging your nose when you open the closet door. All you need to do is dry the slices or oranges, then wind them on a thread and hang them or place them on shelves. The scent of citrus fruits is so characteristic that it will eliminate the unpleasant musty smell. Another way is to hang a bag of tea leaves. Additionally, we can add aromatic spices or fragrance oil to it.

Why do clothes stink when taken out of the closet? There may be several reasons

When clothes stay in the closet for a long time, they acquire an unpleasant smell. How to prevent this? There are several ways. First, pay attention to how you dry your clothes. Make sure they dry well and under no circumstances put damp fabrics in the wardrobe. Add a glass of vinegar to standard fabric softener, which will effectively prolong the freshness of clothes. Also remember to clean the washing machine regularly, because it can also cause an unpleasant smell in the wardrobe.

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